• Pom Express I Poms. Made just for YOU! Beautiful & Sparkling Custom Rooters!
  • A completely customized rooter pom made with your team's colors!
  • Perfect for Cheer Moms and Cheer Dads who want to make a little (or a lot) of noise while showing their support! Or for a multitude of occasions when you need rooter poms with certain color mixes but need less than the minimum required for rooter pom orders.
  • Attach your poms to an empty water bottle (not included) and create a noisemaker as well (see below).

One Color i-Pom


Two Color i-Pom


Three Color i-Pom


Single I-Pom

  • 1 plugs & 1 stick
  • Bottle not included
$3.00 each

Two Color I-Pom

  • 2 plugs & 1 stick
  • Bottle not included
$4.50 each

Three Color I-Pom

  • 3 plugs & 1 stick
  • Bottle not included
$6.00 each

Quantity discounts are available on this item when purchasing 25 or more pieces.

Rainbow i-Poms!


Rainbow i-Poms

  • 7 plastic colors (red, orange, yellow (gold), green (kelly or neon), columbia blue, royal blue and purple) with complimentary metallic accent! The ONLY rainbow pom on the market!
  • (Pom shown above with colors laid out for easy viewing. Pom will look different when completed and all "plugs" pushed up to the top of the stick.)
$14.00 each