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Stunt Straps will help you stretch and overextend your muscles in a Scorpion and Heel Stretch.

Designed to help the cheerleader stretch out with putting any unnecessary stress on joints.

Colors: purple/black, red/black, lime, light pink and
silver sparkle
(Color availability changes quickly, when ordering, please give us your color preference and we'll do the
best we can to get it for you.)

Stunt Strap
$10.00 each

Currently in StocK:  4 pink, 5 lime green,
6 red/black, 5 purple/black
Limited Edition Silver Sparkle Stunt Strap
$11.00 each

2 pieces in stock.

To pull a heel stretch, put one foot in a loop and pull the strap up and across your body from the side.

To pull a Scorpion, put one foot in a loop and pull the strap up hand over hand above your head.  When the strap starts to get tight, extend your arms straight up above your head.  This motion pulls the leg up for a full stretch instead of directly to the head.