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Drill Team Poms
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Drill Team Poms

Our Drill Team pons are one of the most popular style for younger cheerleaders and drill teams alike! All of these pompons have 15 inch strands. The poly Drill Team Pompons come with 2500 strands. Metallic Drill Team Pompons have 1250 metallic strands.  All of our Drill Team pons come with Drill Team Grip Handle.

Choose 1 or 2 colors of Plastic or 1 or 2 colors of Metallic.

Minimum Order: 10 identical pieces
Plastic Drill Team Poms Metallic Drill Team Poms
$6.00 each
$8.00 each






*Poms are custom made and therefore are not returnable.  If you have questions regarding styles, colors, handles, etc. please call us!
*Standard poms have a minimum order of 6 pieces.  Orders under the minimum will be charged a $10.00 service charge.
*Cheerballs, Cheerstars and Pex 100 series poms have a minimum order of 10 pieces per color/style.  Orders under the minimum will not be accepted.
*Poms are priced by the piece, not the pair.