Pom Express is your worldwide source of cheerleading, dance and drill team poms. Visit Pom Express for all the latest pom styles! Metallic Cheerballs from Pom Express

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Metallic Cheerballs


WHAT IS A CHEER BALL OR POM BALL?  A Cheer Ball is a pom that doesn't have a traditional handle.  It is simply strands that are clipped together with a heavy wire clip.  When the pom is fluffed, the strands form a nice round ball.  They are lightweight, easy to use and fabulous for cheering, performances or practice! 

WHAT IS A FINGER POM OR HAND POM?  It's a Cheer Ball but with an elastic strap or thick elastic that is added for even more versatility!

Pom Express Cheerballs


1, 2 or 3 colors available in this solid metallic or wide & narrow mix. 

Choose Your Length: 4", 5", 6", 7"

Choose your Width: 3/16", 1/2" 3/4", 1"

Minimum Order:  6 identical pieces

Pom Express Cheer Balls!

Made in the USA
Metallic Cheerball  
$11.00 each
Minimum Order Service Charge
Finger or Hand Pom Elastic
  $.50 each


Pom Express CheerballsMAKE IT A HAND POM OR FINGER POM!  For an extra $.50 cents per piece, add for extra versatility in your routines!  Order Elastic by the piece. Choose from 2 different types of elastics!  "Hand Pom" elastic and "Finger Pom" elastic. 

Hand Pom Elastics are not meant for extended use.  They will stretch and lose their elasticity after several uses.

Finger Pom elastic is adjustable and can be adjusted to fit over a finger, hand, wrist or even ankles!  FP elastic comes in 2 color choices (black or white) and last much longer than the other elastic.

Pom Expres Metallic Colors