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Pom Express Awareness Megaphones
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7" Megaphones in Awareness Pink or Neon Pink

Get 'em plain or printed!

 See bottom of page for printing requirements

4.5" H X 3" W

  Pom Express Awareness Megs
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Pom Express Megaphone Positions

7" plastic Megaphones
Qty 100 or more pieces

$.99 each
If you are having them printed,
add Die Charge.
(Add 1 for each color of printing)
$45.00 each



Email all artwork to custserv@pomexpress.com when you place your order. 
Not sure if your artwork will work? 
Email it to us and ask before placing your order!

Allow up to 2 weeks for printing plus shipping time.





Black on white, spot color-separated artwork, camera-ready is required. If artwork is not camera-ready, typesetting and/or art charges will apply. All images submitted are printed as is unless otherwise specified. It is your responsibility to have all images proofed and adjusted to your satisfaction before submission. All artwork is to be supplied at highest possible resolution. Faxed artwork is not acceptable. Low resolution or jagged art will not look any better when printed. Due to the taper of stadium cups, sports balls and megaphones some artwork may appear distorted when printed.

Electronic Art: Electronic art must be black only, color-separated artwork. We accept electronic art via 3.5” floppy, Zip Disk and E-mail. Disks can be PC or Mac formatted. Disks will only be returned on request.  We can accept files created with, or edited by, Corel DrawTM, Adobe® Illustrator®, or Adobe® Photoshop®. If the artwork is not available in these formats, factory can also accept artwork in TIFF, EPS or PDF file formats. File compression is not recommended. Always include a hard copy of artwork with order, if artwork is e-mailed a fax or hard copy is required.